Work From Home - How To Involve Your Children

Worried about having your children pester you while you work from home? Here are some innovative ways where you can include them in your daily schedule.
Almost everyone who does work from home and has children wonders about the best way to involve your children in your work without making slave labor out of them. Depending upon the age of the child, he can be of complete nuisance when you are trying to work, or can be a cheerful and helpful assistant who is proud to be helping you. If your child is school age, you may elect to do most of your work during school hours and keep your afternoons and evenings free to interact with the children. If, however, you want to provide your children with a positive work ethic, one of the best ways to do that is to get them involved in your home based business.

Use their talents
When you work from home with your child, it should be as enjoyable to them as it is for you. If you like to create artistic web pages and that is the type of business you have created out of your home, it is unfair to expect your child to be as thrilled with the work as you are. They may have other talents that could mesh nicely with your own and make your business stronger than it would have been otherwise. If your child loves to work with numbers, let them keep track of the orders. If they enjoy organizing and inventorying things, put them in charge of your product inventory.
Give them a break
If a child is in school all day and you expect them to sit at a desk when they arrive home without any break in routine, you will have a child who is not focused on the work from home. You would be far better off to let them do something active for a short while, or even grab a snack. Especially if the child will be doing homework in the evening, they should not be doing sedentary work or even just watching television when they are at home. A variety of work will be better for their concentration and for their physical health as well.
Remember their birthday
Expecting a child to work from home is reasonable, but expecting perfection is not. Find tasks to do that the child can achieve success at. Not 'make work' but tasks that will benefit the entire household in one way or another. Particularly if there is more than one child involved, each should be made to see that their particular job is important and worth doing well.
Rewards system
If you provide your child with an allowance and in return they are expected to do certain chores, it is a good way to teach work responsibility and money management at the same time. If at all possible, doing tasks so that you can work from home should be rewarded. The child should be paid for any tasks that you would otherwise have to hire outside help for. This includes completion of household tasks such as cooking, laundry, pet care and vacuuming.
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